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Trail South – 51st Ave

DX Medical Centres - Trail South

Trail South is located Calgary Trail and 51st Avenue. There is plenty of FREE parking in front of the clinic for patients of Dx Medical and neighbouring medical professionals.

Within walking distance to Dx Medical are: Dynalife Diagnostics, Guardian Pharmacy, Insight Medical Imaging, Lendrum Women’s Imaging, and CSA Physical Therapy. Our staff would be more than happy to fax your prescription to the drug stores to remove or minimize the wait time for your medications.

  • Dr Ayodele Falade
  • Dr Artur Mian
  • Dr Vidushi Mittra Melrose
  • Dr Uche Oguekwe
  • Dr Femi Oyekanmi
  • Dr Katia Tonkin
  • Dr Steven Sayers
  • Dr Lily Sun
  • Dr Vincent Udoye
  • Dr Humphrey Ugbawa