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Online Booking

Virtual and Phone Consults Available


The PDF form found below is for new patients only, if you have already visited our clinic please see the instructions under “Existing Patients”.

For all new patients, please download & fill out the following PDF application form (found below) making sure to bring it with you during your first visit in addition to filling out the application form to the right. Please fill out & submit the section titled “New Patient”; all other sections require you to be a current patient of our clinic. Once we have your information on file following your first visit you’ll be able to book online, paperwork free!




If you have scheduled a previous visit with us in the past you’re ready to book online, paperwork free. Fill out & submit the form to the right using one of the following sections:

  • Personal Health Number
  • Chart Number
  • Date of Birth



Before filling out our online application form, please read all instructions in the appropriate category to the left to make sure you have all proper documentation for your visit.