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Medical Cannabis Edmonton


Medical Cannabis in Edmonton

Cannabis is a widely used medication for a variety of health issues. If you are interested in trying it, we recommend booking a consultation with one of our several medical cannabis professionals in order to assess your specific needs and issues. Our trained practitioners can prescribe the right dosage to ensure that you are safely receiving the right medication.


Qualified Educators
Our Revolution Medical Cannabis educators will ensure patients have a complete understanding, support and are prescribed effective medical cannabis treatments.

Licensed Producers
We work with Licensed Producers. These are companies that are legal and registered with Health Canada.

Affordable Options
Pricing is more affordable through Licensed Producers than Retail

Medical Coverage
Some insurance companies will cover.


Benefits of Medical Cannabis:

Patient Testimonials

When you started to use cannabis and how it benefits you?

"I have been using cannabis oil & CBD Oil for 9 months and it works with both my migraines and my nerve pain" - Allen Taylor 

Will you recommend DX Medical cannabis clinic? If so why?

"Yes! Very helpful and accommodating. No stress talking about the benefits and usefulness of cannabis. They are open to hearing about my experiences with the drug and why it helps me personally." - Scott Kiesman

Will you recommend DX Medical Cannabis? Why

"I would like to recommend it to anyone. Dr. Durojaye & the DX Medical clinic are always available for any questions or concerns I have" - Allen Taylor 

How has medical cannabis use benefitted you?

"I primarily wanted cannabis to help me sleep. It helps me sleep when I have knee pain or inflammation. It has a relaxing effect that is very beneficial.

With the right mindset, the cannabis use has also helped me lose weight. Changing my attention off of hunger I have lost 20 lbs over the last 3 months." - Scott Kiesman