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Dx Medical Centres offers a wide variety of medical services from walk-in practice, family practice and specialty practices. We make your trip to the doctor as convenient as possible, working hard to provide you with excellent service and short wait times. The physicians and specialists take a collaborative approach, working closely together as a team to create the best possible treatment plan for your health.

Walk-In Practice

Our clinic provides walk-in services for the neighbourhood and surrounding communities during all hours of operation.

Family Practice

It is very important to have an effective patient-doctor relationship. This allows your primary physician to develop a comprehensive working knowledge of your medical history.

Uninsured Services

Some services are considered not a medical requirement by the Alberta Health and Wellness and therefore uninsured. It is the patient’s responsibility to pay for any uninsured services.

Sexual Health

DX Medical offers an after hours sexual health clinic at our Trail South location. We offer instant STI testing, HIV testing, and pregnancy testing.

Women's Health Clinic

DX Medical Centres physicians are able to focus on women’s health issues including completing regular exams with a breast exam and pap screening.

Skin Health

We have professional dermatologists on site that can address all skin problems and diseases.

Medical Cannabis

Cannabis is a widely used medication for a variety of health issues. At DX Medical, we have several medical professionals that can provide consultation to prescribe the right dosage and strain for you.


Urology Consultations